We Buy Raw Materials

We Buy Raw Materials

Providing our suppliers and customers with the best possible service. Buying and Recycling All Natural Raw Materials

We Offer:

  • Ten production facilities strategically located in the heart of each region’s vast timber markets
  • Established relationships with the most reliable and respected suppliers and customers in diverse industries
  • Existing outlets to sell your raw materials such as wood fibers, wood shavings, sawdust, wood chips and all kinds of other fibers

We Buy Raw Materials

If you have wood fibers, we want them.

Our company was founded on the mission of “total wood waste utilization” and after more than 40 years, this remains our primary goal. No other company uses wood by-products in so many different, value-added products. You can be assured that your waste wood fiber is handled properly and ethically – we’re the clear choice for anyone looking for an established, respected, and reliable wood-waste partner.

We buy wood fiber and other fiber material:

  • Wood fibers
  • Wood shavings
  • Sawdust
  • Bagged shavings
  • Fibers for biomass
  • Wood chips
  • Paper fibers
  • Agricultural fibers

In today’s high-pressure, highly-competitive economy, it’s important to have reliable, trust-worthy partners. We respect and value our business partners and suppliers as well as our customers, paying our bills on time, every time. We value your business and the materials you provide to us.