Red Cedar Bedding

Red Cedar Bedding

red cedar bedding

Our Red Cedar Wood Shavings Bedding is made from the best quality virgin cedar wood shavings:

  • Natural cedar scent helps to eliminate odors and naturally repels bugs
  • Ideal for stables, dog runs, dog houses and kennels
  • Kiln-dried for better absorption to keep your animals warm and dry
  • 99.9% dust-free to protect your animals and keep their home clean and safe
  • Versatile bedding can be used for dogs, horses or as mulch
  • All-natural with zero artificial or unsafe chemicals

Instructions for Use
To use, cover the floor with 3–4 inches of loose bedding. Maintain a healthy environment for your pet by removing all bedding at least once a week, cleaning their enclosure, and replacing with new bedding. Dog beds should be changed weekly. Dog kennels and horse stalls should be freshened daily and changed weekly.

Our Quality Pledge
We have been providing pet comfort and odor control for over five decades. PetsPick® makes the highest-quality bedding available. We choose only quality, natural materials.

Good for People. Good for Pets. Good for the Planet.
Our products are all natural and contain zero artificial or unsafe chemical additives. We strive to make a positive contribution to the environment through total waste utilization.

Available In
10 Liter, 20 Liter, 42 Liter, and 113 Liter bags.

Learn about AWF and our Commitment to Sustainability

Want to know more about keeping your pet safe?

Choose PetsPick® at Walmart, Great Choice at PetSmart, or Premier Pet at independent retailers. All these great brands are sludge and dioxin free!

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