Softwood flour pile
Softwood flour pile

Wood Flour / Industrial Applications

Softwood Flour

Available species:
White Pines, Yellow Pine, Mixed Softwoods, Red Cedar

Mesh sizes:
10 mesh, 20 mesh, 40 mesh, 60 mesh, 80 mesh, 100 mesh, 120 mesh, 140 mesh

Available in bags and bulk:

  • 50 lb paper bags
  • 800 lb bulk bags
  • 1300 lb super bags
  • Bulk (Walking Floor Trailers & Pneumatic Tankers)
Low cost filler and extender

Replace higher cost materials in your formulations.

All-natural & renewable—
no added chemicals

Use as a replacement to synthetic fillers/non-renewable fillers.

Viscosity modifier & 
Liquid absorbent

Effectively adjust the viscosity of your end products. Absorbs up to 3X its weight in various liquids.