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Paper Pellets bag front
Paper Pellets bag back
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Small Pet Bedding

Paper Pellets

Naturally absorbent litter made from pre-consumer paper that’s eco-friendly and easy to clean. Our high-quality, lightweight paper pellets give small pets the safety and comfort they deserve with 14 days of litter box odor control.

Available in bags:

  • 11 Liter
  • 22 Liter

We supply this product coast to coast.

Cover cage floor with 3/4 inches of loose bedding. Refresh bedding at least once a week by cleaning and adding new bedding. Change bedding every two weeks. Remove all bedding and clean out enclosure. A clean cage will help keep your pet clean and safe from developing respiratory problems due to ammonia buildup.

14 Day Odor Control

Paper Pellets are naturally moisture and odor absorbent to keep your pet's home clean and fresh-smelling.

Naturally Biodegradable

Our eco-friendly, 99% pre-consumer paper is the highest quality bedding to give your pet the safety and comfort they deserve.

Ultra Lightweight & 99% Dust-Free

PetsPick Paper Pellets are super-absorbent and virtually dust-free to maintain a safe space for your pet that's quick and easy for you to clean.

New Release

Sustainably sourced Small Animal litter

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We have been providing pet comfort and odor control for over five decades. PetsPick® makes the highest-quality bedding available. We choose only quality, natural materials.


Our products are all natural and contain zero artificial or unsafe chemical additives. We strive to make a positive contribution to the environment through total waste utilization.

Frequently asked questions

We take great pride in the quality products that we manufacture. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, return it the retailer where you made the purchase or contact our customer service department at 800-624-9663.