Bedding pellets bag
Bedding pellets close-up
Bedding pellets bag
Bedding pellets close-up

Animal Bedding

Bedding Pellets

All-natural bedding pellets are the advanced way to keep your animals healthy and comfortable. Made without fillers or chemicals, this safe bedding alternative is a great way to reduce odors and absorb moisture.

Avaliable in:

  • 40lb bags (1 cu. ft.)

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Open a bag in the stall. It’s ready to use or spray it lightly with water; and let the pellets soften over a couple of days as they absorb urine and other moisture

More Absorbant

Highly compressed pellets expand to absorb more than conventional bedding.

Saves Time & Money

Clean quicker because pellets drop easily through fork and use less than conventional bedding.

Healthier Option

Pelletized to reduce airborne dust particles, eye and respiratory irritation.

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High Quality Bedding

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American Wood Fibers has a comprehensive quality control system, which includes standardized specifications and rigorous testing to ensure that undesirable characteristics are avoided in all our wood shavings products. All of our products are heat-dried to ensure low moisture levels. We also triple screen all of our products to remove dust and larger pieces of wood.

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