Small Pet Bedding

Rabbit on cedar bedding

Caring for your small pets

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Routine care and maintenance will keep your small pet’s habitat clean, fresh, and safe—for your pet and for you. Bedding should be replaced frequently—at least once a week—to absorb moisture and odors.

In addition to regular maintenance, choosing bedding that is free from chemicals and toxins will help ensure your pet’s health and happiness. All-natural wood shavings (pine, aspen) and sludge-free paper products are recommended. Sludge-based paper beddings (often called “reclaimed paper” or “reclaimed cellulose”) and recycled newspaper pellets are not recommended. Independent tests show they contain dioxins, which are known carcinogens.

We have been providing pet comfort and odor control for over five decades. PetsPick® makes the highest-quality bedding available. We choose only quality, natural materials.

The ultimate all-natural bedding for small pets

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Soft & Cozy

Pets of all sizes enjoy nesting, burrowing, and resting comfortably with our high-quality pet bedding and cage lining materials.

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Ultra Absorbent

Our bedding absorbs moisture naturally and controls odors in a variety of environments including mouse and hamster cages, bird cages, reptile cages, dog kennels, horse stables, and more.

Rabbit on bedding

Pet Safe & 

Our bedding is made from virgin, soft, food-grade shredded paper or all-natural wood shavings.

Frequently Asked Questions

AWF wood shavings and paper pet products can be found at retail stores, catalog, and e-commerce sites throughout the United States. For additional assistance, please contact our Customer Service Center at 800-624-9663, or email us.

We take great pride in the quality products that we manufacture. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, return it the retailer where you made the purchase or contact our customer service department at 800-624-9663.

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Our Pet Safety Brochures provide guidelines for:

All of our pine, cedar, aspen and paper bedding is heat treated to ensure minimum moisture content for maximum absorbency, as well as to eliminate any bacteria present.