Grilling Pellets

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Grilling Pellets are known for that renowned natural flavor and aroma that only pure hardwood can deliver. You will never go back to charcoal or gas once you experience the healthier, safer, and better tasting alternative of Hardwood Pellet Grilling.

It’s important to choose a grilling pellet that’s all-natural. An all-natural pellet will burn cleaner and hotter without chemical exposure. Some manufacturers of pellets and chips utilize any form of wood or wood by-product. It could be made from left over pallets, recycled wood, and then some spray a flavoring onto the product.

America’s Choice Grate Flavors Premium BBQ Grilling Pellets

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Richer Flavors & Aroma

Our 100% natural wood pellets offer richer flavor when grilling or smoking. We never use chemical or flavoring additives to treat our wood.

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Burns Cleanly & Evenly

A true set-it and forget-it product—our pellets distribute heat evenly to maintain temperature within 2-3 degrees and eliminate flare-ups.

Pellets from pure hardwood

100% Select Hardwoods

Never worry about our pellets containing materials from recycled wood that may contain harmful chemicals like paint, oil, glue, plastic, resin, petroleum etc.