Organic Worm Castings

Organic Worm Castings

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organic worm castings

Our organic worm castings are the earths richest, natural fertilizer known.

  • Significantly increases microbial life in the root zone
  • Stimulates plant growth more than any natural product on the market
  • Worm Castings revitalize old-worn out soil and come alive, adding beneficial microorganisms, nutrients and organic matter in an all-natural, sustainably-safe way
  • An all-in-one soil amendment that is safe for the environment, children, and pets
  • For millions of years, earthworms have continued the “Cycle of Fertility” by converting organic matter into vermicompost
  • Odorless — great for indoor/outdoor use


Worm Castings

For Use in:

Vegetable Gardens
Till in 1/2″ of worm castings or top dress with 1″ of worm castings around plants. Re-apply 1/2″ of worm castings every 3 to 6 months

Potting Mix
Mix in 1 part of worm castings to every 4 parts of potting soil

House Plants & Flower Beds
Apply 1/2″ of worm castings at the beginning of spring, summer & fall; till in worm castings if possible

New & Established Lawns
Apply 10 pounds per 100 square feet. Water lawns as usual

Fruit Trees
Apply 1/2″ – 1″ of worm castings under half the diameter of the trees canopy. Till in if possible

Plant Tea
Mix 2 cups worm castings with 5 gallons of water. Let steep for 1 hour and feed plants