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Tuesday, January 5th, 2021

American Wood Fibers Named 2016 Marion County Industry of the Year

American Wood Fibers was awarded the 2016 Marion County Industry of the Year Award Friday, Nov. 4, at the Marion County Industrial Foundation’s annual Industry Appreciation Banquet in Lebanon. Inter-County Energy Cooperative sponsors the annual event in support of the local manufacturers in Marion County.

Stephen Faehner, American Wood Fibers CEO, and Pat Krish, vice president of central operations, were on hand to accept the award.

“American Wood Fibers strives to fulfill our mission to provide innovative products to our customers, help our people reach their personal and career goals, and provide a positive contribution to the environment through total wood waste utilization,” Faehner said. “The real credit goes out to our local leaders who create an atmosphere where our mission can be realized and to our AWF family of employees in Lebanon who make it happen every day. We are honored and humbled to be recognized by the Marion County Industrial Foundation as the 2016 Industry of the Year for Marion County, Kentucky.”

American Wood Fibers was established in Lebanon in 1990, and has been a pillar in Marion County for 26 years. This year, AWF celebrated 50 years of being in business. In 1966, Frank and Joy Faehner founded Eastern Wood Fibers, which later became American Wood Fibers headquartered in Columbia, Maryland.

AWF has 10 locations and employees 465 people nationwide. Here in Lebanon, they employ 72 people and continue to add employees. They are currently accepting applications in Lebanon.
The company’s motto is “Good for the people. Good for the planet.”

AWF’s products are completely biodegradable. There is no processing involving inks, dyes, bleaching or chemicals – just clean, screened wood fiber, which makes their product all natural and environmentally friendly.

The hard working, talented, skilled, dedicated employees of this company take pride in their products, the production and their reputation, which has made AWF the nation’s largest manufacturer and supplier of pet and equine bedding.

American Wood Fibers was awarded the 2016 Marion County Industry of the Year Award Friday. Pictured, from left, are David Ballard (general manager), Geri Morgan (office manager), Vince Gideon (maintenance), Lt. Gov. Jenean Hampton, Kelly Gootee (administrative assistant), Eddie Buckman (operations manager), Steven Reynolds (maintenance), Tim Meredith (engineering), David Brewster (AWF Express), Pat Krish (vice president of central operations).