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Premium Wood Pellet Fuel

At American Wood Fibers, we’re proud to produce premium hardwood and ultra premium softwood pellets, which meet the highest industry standards.

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Pellets in from of stove

Plenty of BTUs

Hardwood and Softwood

By combining our extensive wood fiber experience and the latest in processing technology, we provide pellets that burn longer and burn hotter for an all-natural, efficient way to heat your home or significantly cut fuel costs for large-scale environments such as schools, universities, and power plants.

From trees to pellets

Count on Quality

Our pellets are certified PFI Graded Premium Fuel

The Pellet Fuels Institute evaluates and grades pellet fuel to ensure that consumers can make informed decisions about purchasing pellet fuel. American Wood Fibers is proud to be one of the first pellet suppliers to achieve certification for consistent, reliable, and high-quality bagged fuel pellets under the new, more stringent standards program.