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AWF Today

American Wood Fibers (AWF) was founded in 1966 and is recognized as a leader in the field of specialty forestry products. Over the past 50 years, AWF has expanded, producing a broader array of offerings for industrial, commercial, consumer, and agricultural markets. We offer large and small animal bedding, industrial wood flour, premium wood pellet products, firewood, soil and compost, specialty commercial, industrial and agricultural products, and transportation services. Headquartered in Columbia, Maryland, AWF has ten manufacturing sites across the continental U.S.

With over 15,000,000 bales of wood shavings produced annually, AWF supplies consumers in every channel which supports Equine, Canine, Dairy, Poultry, and Swine markets.

AWF created the category in 1984 by providing squeeze pack bedding from all natural pine, cedar, aspen, and paper for small animal habitats. We also manufacture private-label products for many of the finest consumer product groups and pet product retailers around.

AWF focuses on customer solutions to research and develop new products from a variety of natural materials.

With access to vast natural resources AWF supplies a consistent volume of wood flour and natural fibers to its customers.

AWF meets strict 3rd party verified standards for product quality. Our value added processing of natural resources and wood by-products helps ensure the preservation of our nation’s forests.

Since 1966 AWF has been family-owned and operated company. Our team of experienced leaders provides a wealth of product knowledge, technical expertise, innovation, and integrity that guides AWF’s success.