About AWF

A Leader in Forestry Products for Generations

Our family wants your family to know you can rely on the consistent performance and wholesome quality of American Wood Fibers.

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Our Mission

Good for people. Good for pets. Good for the planet.

At American Wood Fibers, our mission is to provide high quality, specialty forest products for homes, animal owners, and businesses of all kinds. Customers count on us for steady, consistent delivery of quality, clean, and contaminant-free products that are green and renewably sourced.

Circleville, OH plant

World’s Largest Producer of Wood Shavings

With over 15,000,000 bales of wood shavings produced annually, AWF supplies consumers in Equine, Canine, Dairy, Poultry, and Swine markets.

Schofield, WI plant

North American Leader in Wood Flour and Natural Fibers

With access to vast natural resources AWF supplies a consistent volume of wood flour and natural fibers to its customers.

Aerial view of Marshall, TX plant

First Supplier of Small Animal Bedding

AWF created the category in 1984 by providing squeeze pack bedding from all natural pine, cedar, aspen, and paper for small animal habitats.

From trees to pellets


Not Just a manufacturer

Fighting waste and seeking out sustainable solutions have been part of our DNA since day one.

AWF strives to make a positive contribution to the environment through total waste utilization in our forestry products, use of pre-consumed materials for our packaging, and the development of environmentally friendly products.

Work at AWF

Family-owned for four generations, we continue to grow and expand every day.
 Our employees enjoy working in a family environment and take pride in the quality, American-made products they produce.